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Its Been a while...

Well, I got the urge for posting before I sit down to some Ashes to Ashes! Loving watching series one at the moment! Hope its as good

Anyways, What have I been up too? Well, not much! Saving up for the wedding is pretty much where most of our money goes. Looking forward to it, just wish someone would pay for it! We've booked a holiday in January though, going to Tenerife with mum and dad. Some of you may remember me loftily stating that I would never go back there. Ah well! I'm really looking forward to it. Going with Mum and Dad. Were getting an apartment in Los Chritianos. My Auntie and Uncle are coming out on the Thursday so it should be great!

Nothing much has changed in work. I've become something of a 'Tesco Widow' since Charles has been opening up a new shop in Uddingston. I was working in the shop for a few days last week and its really nice! Just a shame that Charles has been having to put in the major hours in over the last few weeks.

Waffles has really became my wee pal recently. He just sits there miaowing at me for a clap. He's so shameless! I moved the cats' catnip mice into the cupboard above the oven and the little shit stands up on the worktop and opens the door and gets the mice out! One day I'll come home and see the cat in orgasmic bliss having burst the catnip refill!

Off work on Wednesday so going to get my haircut. I'll go see my mum afterwards. See what she thinks. Better get it cut short! I'll try to get some inspiration from Ashes to Ashes!


Waffles had an operation a couple of days ago. The vet couldn't save his right eye after the accident so he's had it removed and the socket sewed up. When Waffles came back home he was right as rain though! He had some stuff to eat and was pretty much himself! He's not enjoying the cone much though. He got some of his dinner stuck in it. Poor guy!

Pie however is being a real dick! We don't want to let Pie out in case he picks up an infection and gives it to Waffles. Pie doesn't understand this and is being a pure cow. He miaowed for two whole hours this morning! He knows better now than to do it while were in bed haha!

New York, Washing Machines and iPhones...

Well, it has been a while since I last posted! Not that much has changed although there's some good stuff coming up! Were going to New York for four day in the middle of September. Really excited about it! I'm going to see what I can buy on the cheap haha. Charles is looking forward to ticking off another place of his list of places that he has been but I've not.

Were buying a washing machine too! Its my first choice so I'm well excited! Finding out when its being delivered tomorrow! Woo hoo!

In order to secure my washing machine I had to get Charles an iPhone, shocking! Well, I didn't really but I want one now haha.

Tescos is going well, having a bit of grief but it should be done and dusted soon hopefully!

Had a really good week a few weeks ago, went to see Wall-e at the cinema with my closest friends and had a laugh! The film was great too

Babysitting this Saturday night! Were getting a vegetable lasagne for it so it should be fun!

Michael Jackson in Mario


One of the funniest videos i've seen all year!

Guten Morgen from Paris!

Well, not really. Although we just got back. Charles took me to Paris for my birthday and had a great wee day! I was a bit miffed that nobody noticed my birthday at passport control. Ah well! Much fun was had by all except Charles' ear would not pop and my knee died on me. We spent my special day going round some shops and eating some good McDonalds and spending the night in the room cos we were a bit poor. I did get a replacement for a polo shirt I got form Gap ages ago that had been washed till it had that distressed look that I didn't want! I made a vow the the polo that I was going to lose weight and wash it only in colour washing powder and tumble dry it on low and hopefully it will last till I get old or something.

Today we checked out our hotel and had an epic wander around Paris. The sights were really busy but I did see some cool things. We had a nice gab in a chafe then spend about 5 hours in the airport loll.

I don't really like Paris. I would like to go again but it whouldn't be on any top lists or anything. Glad I've ticked it off though! I would have enjoyed it more had I bothered to learn some French I guess!

Going to bed now. Fecking knackered. Although by the time most of you read this it'll be 2pm or something!


I really like this show, a total guilty pleasure! Anyone else like it???

Proper Updade!

Charles and I were just at Burger King and it was freaking amazing! I love the Bean burgers man! We were bloaters and ate like pigs!

So not that much has been happening! We have just been flashing the cash of late. We bought a PS3 and its totally amazing! Bought Burnout Paradise and it rocks man! I'm not too keen on the music but the game it's self is top banana!

Ach i'm bored. I'm waiting for the washing machine to finish so i can go to sleep. Only got about 3 hours sleep if that last night. Not good! I think i just got really in to Twin Peaks and woke myself up! :'(

Christmas and New Year were amazing! We spent Christmas Day in Dundee with my family and got drunk and danced and sang. Mum and I sang "These boots are made for walking" haha. I think we butcherd it. Ach well! New Year was spent with Charles Auntie and Uncle. Was a good night!

Canada was amazing! Never really saw where Queer as Folk was filmed but i guess some of the buildings have changed. Heres a couple of photos from Niagra.

Here!!Collapse )

Right! washing machine is done and now i'm off to bed!!



Hello one and all! Its been a while. My bad. I'm off for a nap now but i'll do a decent post tonight!

I'll leave you with this though. I really love montain dew!!

Canadia (Yes i know thats spelt wrong!)

I'm off to Canada for a week! With the lovely boyfriend. Pie is not coming though :-( Still though, MOUNTAIN DEW!!




Well, it came and i am very happy with it! Its very quiet!

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